Systematic review/Meta-analysis実践ワークショップ 開催報告(2017/8/10、9/7開催)

On August 10 and September 7, 2017, iGHP invited Dr. Md. Mizanur Rahman, Project Assistant Professor of the Department of Global Health Policy, the University of Tokyo, to have very interactive and enthusiastic workshop sessions to learn about systematic review and meta-analysis. The first day of the workshop started with the basic concept of systematic review, in which we learned about literature searches (sources of literature, searching operations, PubMed search, and the use of Endnote). In the afternoon, we moved on to the topic of data management and meta-analysis. During the practical session, Dr. Rahman showed us how to actually utilize all the skills we learned during the lectures. After the first day sessions, the participants were given assignments to be completed by the second day of the workshop.

The second day was mostly devoted to a step-by-step approach to advanced meta-analysis including meta-analysis using the statistical software, Stata. The participants were all given an opportunity to try out Stata on their own laptops guided by hands-on instructions from several instructors from the University of Tokyo.

The two-day workshop was well-received by the participants that consisted of physicians, nurses, clinical and global health researchers, as well as professors and many graduate students from various academic institutions.

We would like to organize more of this kind of highly comprehensive and useful workshops in the near future.

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