「Google のヘルス革命 〜クラウドとAIの活用とその課題〜」セミナー開催報告(2018年9月18日開催)

While artificial intelligence (AI) and Cloud seem to be buzz words these days, no one knows what the world may look like with the application of these technologies nor where we are headed in the area of healthcare.

On September 18, 2018, in his talk titled, “Cloud and AI as Drivers of Technology Innovation in the Healthcare Industry,” Dr. Meir shared with the audience the Google’s mission in healthcare and various initiatives Google Cloud is taking to shed a light on what future Google envisions for the healthcare industry.

Dr. Meir explained to the audience that with the introduction of electronic medical imaging in the healthcare industry, there are now over two trillion medical images a year globally that need to be stored for at least five to twenty-five years for legal purposes. This number is doubling every five years, creating a massive data storage cost for the healthcare industry. Google, with its mission to organize the world’s healthcare and life sciences data by making it accessible, secure and useful, is tackling this challenge by using their Cloud and deep machine learning technology to manage data under one platform without compromising its security nor its accessibility to those who need the data when they need it. In addition, Google’s cloud platform will allow all the data that are currently in siloes to be managed under one place and will allow for deep learning and advanced algorithm that offer insights for future health policies.

With such technological advancements, Dr. Meir informed the audience that the conversation in the US is shifting from why cloud to how cloud. He also shared with the audience several examples of start-up partners that are using AI deep learning for telemedicine in Brazil or another that uses AI powered algorithm for detecting bone age and development deficiency of children.

The talk was well received by over 60 participants, who actively engaged in a Q&A session with Dr. Meir.

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